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How Do You Know if You Need Gutter Flashing?

February 18, 2021

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The exterior of your home is crucial to its maintenance because it’s responsible for standing up against harsh elements, like hail, rain storms, scorching sun, and ice. Flashing is a small but important key to fully waterproofing your roof and making sure that no moisture sneaks beneath the shingles, causing thousands of dollars in damage. Read on to learn more about gutter flashing and whether you need it.

What Exactly is Gutter Flashing?

Gutter flashing is a thin, rectangular strip that helps divert water that runs off your roof directly into your gutters instead of beneath the roof shingles that lead into your gutters. It typically comes in pieces that are about 2×3 inches and 10 feet long, and it’s strategically bent at a 35-degree angle. It comes in a couple different materials, including aluminum and plastic, depending on what would look best with your home, but plastic flashing is the best option for homeowners who have a more complicated gutter system because it’s the more malleable option.

How Does Water Damage to Homes Happen?

At the very edge of every roof, before the gutter system, you’ll have the end of the roof’s shingles. On rainy days, water can trickle down the roof, and while most of it will make it into the gutters, some of it can trickle up underneath the shingles and even behind the gutters. This water can then seep into the walls and the roof, causing mold, rot, and thousands of dollars in damages. Not only is this a serious health concern, but the damage can also quickly spread.

Gutter flashing is installed just under the roof, inside of the gutter. Its main purpose is to divert the rain and block of the underside of the shingles that are located directly over the gutter to keep water from collecting in this vulnerable area. It’s key job is to seal the gap between the shingles of your roof and the gutters just beneath them.

Calling in the Professionals vs. a DIY Job

Gutter flashing can be tricky to install if you’re not a roofer or someone who works with gutters. If you do it wrong, you could accidentally make the threat of water damage even worse by creating an additional area for water to collect in, but when done right, you’ll be able to rest-easy knowing that your home will be protected. That’s why it’s always the best option to call in a professional.

If you’re not sure whether you have gutter flashing on your home and want to fortify the foundation of your house, call the experts in. They’ll be able to help you choose the best flashing materials for your needs and give you the confidence you need during your next rain storm knowing that your home is safe.

About Platinum Gutters

At Platinum Gutters, our team of experts is well-versed in everything having to do with flashing, gutters, and gutter protection. We help homeowners protect the foundation, walls, and roof of their home to save them from water damage that could cost thousands to repair. To protect your home from the upcoming rain storms, visit our website or call 817-380-4404 to schedule a free estimate for gutter flashing.

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