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Is it Best to Paint Your Home While You’re Getting Your Gutters Replaced?

May 12, 2021

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brand new gutters on a house that has just been painted

Has it been longer than you can count on two hands since you last repainted the exterior of your home? It’s likely time for a fresh, revitalizing new coat of paint to brighten up the exterior, but there’s something else that could be beneficial doing at the same time—replacing your gutters. The gutters on your house are responsible for preventing water damage that could cost countless thousands of dollars to repair. If they aren’t functioning properly, are rusting, or it’s just time to have them replaced, you can paint your home’s exterior and replace the gutters in one convenient project. Read on to learn why this is the most advantageous way to tackle these tasks.

How Do You Know When Gutters Need to Be Replaced?

Gutters last for quite awhile, in fact, many professionals estimate that they only need to be replaced every 20 years or so. However, even if it hasn’t been decades since you last had them repaired or replaced, it’s still a good idea to look for signs that you need to call in a professional to make sure that they’re functioning properly. Some signs that can hint that your gutters need to be replaced include:

  • You notice rust or several cracks and holes in them that allow water to leak down, directly next to the foundation of your home.
  • Several fasteners that hold the gutters at a specific angle to be able to drain appear to be broken.
  • You find nails and screws that are used to fasten the gutters to your home on the ground.
  • The gutters are separating.
  • Your gutters are pulling away from the roof of your home, keeping them from collecting cascading water.
  • The exterior of your paint on your home is peeling due to water seeping over the edge of the gutters.
  • The landscaping around your house is eroding due to water collection.

What Are the Benefits of Exterior Painting While Replacing Gutters?

If you replace your gutters during the exterior painting process, you’ll be able to choose ones that match the new appearance of the exterior of your home. You’ll also be able to properly paint the fascia, which is the board that the gutters are attached to. Doing everything at once will ensure that the job gets done correctly without any inconveniences.

Finding the Best Team for the Job

Some professional painters also work with gutters,  so you may be able to strike a deal with both services! Not to mention, having a professional handle all of the details will make tackling two large projects easier to stomach. By the time everything’s done, it’ll feel like you just purchased a brand-new home when you look at the outside of it.

About Platinum Gutters

At Platinum Gutters, our team offers professional gutter repairs, replacements, and leaf guards to prevent water damage from seeping into your home and causing mildew and mold to grow. We’re also partnered with Platinum Painting in the DFW-area and are happy to do both exterior painting and gutter replacement at the same time. For questions or to schedule a free estimate, visit our website or call 817-380-4404.

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