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Avoid Wood Warp/Rot

Gutters keep water away from the wooden parts of your home and out of your house.

Avoid Insect/Pest Issues

Gutters make it more difficult for pests of all sizes to access your home.

Prevent mildew

Gutters keep mildew from forming under the roof and getting into your home.

Prevent Foundation Issues

Gutters prevent soil erosion that directs water into the foundation causing potential problems.

Prevent Roof Problems

Gutters improve the longevity of your roof, so you don’t need to replace it as frequently.

Protect Home’s Paint

Gutters stop water from running down the side of the home wearing paint away quickly.

Gutter systems are referred to by a variety of names including rain gutters, guttering, roof gutters, and others, but a gutter by any name will be as sweet for your home. The purpose of gutters is to direct water fall away from your roof, the side of your home, and the foundation. Left to stream down the side of the home, water fall can damage your house from the roof to the foundation. Water that sits on the roof leads to more frequent roof replacement, and when water drains directly down the side of the house, it can settle into the foundation causing shifting and damage over time. Improper drainage can lead to a variety of issues including water leaks into the home, backsplash that discolors brick and siding, and soil erosion that makes it difficult to maintain landscaping and can cause water to backup into the foundation. A good gutter system can save you countless dollars on home repairs.

Can a Gutter System Fix Foundation Problems?

Unfortunately, gutters cannot fix existing foundational concerns. However, installing a proper water drainage system once you have repaired any structure damage is essential to preventing future foundation concerns. If you’ve ever had to pay to fix a damaged foundation, you will not want to pay the steep prices for structural repair more than once. If your foundation is currently stable, you can avoid structural issues by installing an adequate gutter system before concerns arise. The cost of installing a gutter system can actually save you countless dollars in foundation repair, so protect your home by investing in the right system today.

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