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Are There Critters Living in Your Gutters?

May 5, 2023

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a squirrel peeking out from a gutter

Gutters are often an unsung hero when it comes to protecting our homes from the elements, and they’ve been helping homeowners since they were invented early in the 20th century. However, as useful as they may be, they can still experience problems that might compromise their integrity—and one issue that’s often ignored or overlooked is when they’re inhabited by wild animals and pests! Here’s more about a few of the most common critters that you might find living in your gutters and how you should go about removing them to keep your gutters clean, clear, and intact.

5 Common Animals That Might Make Their Home in Your Gutters

All kinds of animals might take up unwelcome refuge in your home’s gutters, but here are five of the most common offenders:

#1. Squirrels

These tree-dwelling animals can live practically anywhere in an urban environment and will easily cozy up within your gutters if given the opportunity. However, they can cause a good bit of damage to your gutters, roof, and other structures if they’re allowed to remain.

#2. Birds

Perhaps the most notorious of all gutter invaders, birds can be very problematic if they begin nesting in the tight confines of your gutters. Not to mention, birds can also be quite territorial once they’ve laid eggs, so it might end up being a test of patience to keep them out.  

#3. Chipmunks

Even though chipmunks are typically ground-dwelling, the tubes of your gutter’s downspouts are the perfect size for one of these critters to fit through. They’ll happily forage for food in the debris of your gutters, or they might hide within it for protection.

#4. Lizards

Sometimes moisture can accumulate in your gutters, especially if it rains and damp leaves fall and begin collecting in them. This often attracts mosquitos, flies, and other bugs—which are all ideal food sources for lizards and other insect-feeding animals.

#5. Possums

Possums are well-known for their peculiar tendency to play dead when potential predators or threats are near. But these critters can be hugely problematic if they wind up in your gutters—especially if they lay a litter there. Since these animals are nocturnal, you’ll want to check your gutters at nighttime every once in a while, to ensure they aren’t present.

How to Address & Prevent Unwelcome Gutter Residents

The best way to prevent pests and critters from taking up residency in your gutters is to clean them regularly, ideally on a set schedule. You can do this by utilizing a strong hose or power washer to clear away any debris. You might also consider installing a gutter guard to deter small animals from entering.

Of course, nothing can compare to the efficacy of a professional gutter service; whether you need to address a current pest problem and repair damage, or completely reevaluate your gutter-related needs, they’ll know the best way of handling the matter.

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